Drafting a Dissertation Literature Review: Guidelines and Examples

Literature review is a good scholarly note which is composed by the author/writer when he writes the dissertation. The literature review section is important as it reveals the purpose and knowledge of the author about the particular research field. Comprehensive data analysis needs to be done in this literature review putting focus on applicable theories, methods and research phenomena. Online consultants give positive tips and user-friendly examples to compose qualitative literature review.

Literature Review- A Focus on Different Findings

Eminent researcher named Cooper gives his personal views defining the literature review. According to him, the literature review is the focus thrown on the information/data analysis, and results of innovative research. Researchers must know about the outcome of deep probing and research work to make new theories. It also synthesizes the different findings conducted by the researcher. In the literature review, there is proper integration of various result oriented findings and investigations conducted by researchers. However, the literature review is not the typical bibliography to mention the list of reference books and authors’ names.

Identify Controversial Issues to Include in Literature Review

When you write the informative literature review, you must be a good reviewer without showcasing partiality. In the review section, specify what it is done and what is yet to be done. You must track the deficiency or gap in the finding. You must have strong urge for extensive data analysis to identify the major flaws in investigations. You should find the link between the previous and current studies to invent ‘new things. The writer should try to avoid the content duplication or plagiarism when he restructures the literature review. Identify the main issues which are controversial. While writing the literature review, raise certain argumentative issues for further explanation. Your insight in the research must be included in the literature review. Short description about the contribution of a particular author is not required to write the literature review. Instead, the writer must have duty to keep consistency in data comparison giving strong facts/evidence about the involvement of multiple authors to prepare the literature review with the academic paper. Various analytical approaches made by other authors must be monitored through this literature review. Smartly speaking, choose the specific parameter what type of information you need to give while going for the creation of the literature review. Quote some important comments and remarks in the literature review for better data analysis. Make a short outline on literature review encompassing major points precisely.

Lastly, writers don’t use colloquial language/terms to write the literature review. Prioritize findings of other eminent scholars when you format the standard literature review.

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