Looking for Trusted Resources Providing Well-Written Thesis Examples

Writing your thesis paper can turn out to be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have while it will likely be a little stressful at times. It gives you a chance to have a voice about a topic that you have very strong feelings about. Even after you have a topic and a statement that you want to use it is a good idea to look for at a few well-written examples. There are a few places that you can trust will have well-written resources.

  • Online. You can find many websites full of not only thesis examples, but also of the basics of writing one. Many websites will provide references along with the examples.
  • Your school’s website. Your school’s website is a great tool for all your paper needs. You are usually able to find examples of former student’s papers. Many schools will also warn to copy the papers you find, but that should go without saying.
  • Public libraries will also have a database to of well-written examples. You can visit online or in person. Most libraries will require you to create an online ID or have a copy of your driver’s license if you go in person.
  • There are also websites that will allow you to chat to a tutor to help you find examples. Be sure that if you are going into a chat room to find tutor; you still research what they say and ask for references.

Remember to carry a pen and notebook with you while you research. You will want to write down ideas that you might want to use or other outline basics you have not thought about. As you are looking at examples, keep in mind that you want to look at examples that are close to your writing style. You do not want to use your thesis as a time to attempt a new writing style. You want it to reflect your style. It is best to look for examples alone. While your peers are a great way to get feedback, you do not want them to cause you to second guess your thought process. Finally, no matter where you find your examples, keep in mind they are just examples. You want some basic guidelines while still making sure that your ideas shine through.

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