Great Suggestions On How To Write A Dissertation Methodology Section

Dissertation methodology

In this section of your research paper, you will have to mention the methodologies you employed during your research. However, you don’t have to explain about the methodologies you could have used in this section. For example, if you have 2 options to perform your research and you chose one among these 2, just explain about the selected method. You don’t have to explain the reasons for avoiding the other option.

Types of methodologies

There are 3 kinds of methodologies which you can use depending on your area of study. The first methodology is quantitative. If you decide to write your research paper in scientific discipline, then your method is quantitative. The second method is qualitative. This method will ask you to find data using interviews, surveys, and polls. The final method is the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Structure of methodology

The methodology section is divided into 3 major parts. The first part is philosophy section. You will explain about the philosophy which underpins your respective topic. This section is followed by approach section. Here you have to explain the context of the research and its limitations. You will also explain the ‘w’ questions like ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ in this section. Data collection and analysis section come last, which will explain the method you collect the data.

4 steps guide to write a dissertation methodology

The following four steps will make it easy to write the methodology of your research paper.

  • The first thing you will be writing in this document is the introduction. You can write the basic purpose of the writing, including the major goals. Since it is a general introduction, never exceed it more than one paragraph.
  • After finishing writing the introduction, you can write about the abstract. The abstract can be of the same length of the introduction paragraph. The basic aim of this section is to cover all major components of the method used in the research. Avoid all kinds of unimportant points in this paragraph.
  • The third section is the methodology section. You can write about the well extended and expanded methodologies in this section.
  • The last part of your document is the proofread section. In this section, the student has to find grammatical, structural, and spelling mistakes and correct it. Replace the double meaning words with appropriate words. Always check whether the document is written in past tense or not.