Creating An Effective Dissertation Outline: Helpful Advice

Life is not at all akin to a blueprint, no matter how hard we try to become prudent of each step taken, our efforts end up in vain. Since childhood we are told or advised by our parents to capture our lives in a timetable, routine or outline and glue it on the wall nearest to our study tables. Unfortunately, in all possible manner and at every instance, we have failed to cope with that outline. But a research paper or thesis, by all means, requires an outline, without which the work will always turn out to be clumsy and at times repulsive. A dissertation outline helps you with organized ideas, the interrelation between the ideas, it provides an overview of the writing and lastly it wards off the unnecessary points which later could crowd your draft. Below are some strategies to obtaining a great outline for your paper:

  • The first strategy- in this, it is advisable to actuate the intention of your paper, what purpose it would serve. Following which you must determine, what type of audience to appeal to and complete it with deciding on and establishing the thesis statement.
  • The second strategy- It is never easy to pull through a paper, ranging from 500 to 1000 or more pages, in order to achieve this feat, do not forget to list down brainstormed ideas. Once you have arranged them, categories those ideas. Create groups and sub-groups and place them on a logic scale. Eliminate the ones which are poorest in rationale. Maintain linear planning.
  • The third strategy- Create a framework for the literature review. List the fundamental ideas, the authors or key thinkers behind the ideas and the underlying concept.
  • The fourth strategy- Do not ignore a design for research methodologies, conceive of the pros and cons of the methods you would use.
  • The fifth strategy- Think of counter statements, these are blessings in disguise. It would improve your outline than damaging it.
  • The sixth strategy- Jot down points which were covered in the outline as these would serve as cues to writing the conclusion.
  • The seventh strategy- List down all the names of the books and publications as you proceed in this work.

Oftentimes, we doubt the potential of an outline, thinking it to be time consuming or taking it as the initial streaks of obsessive compulsive disorder in a person. Well, you have never been more wrong, better you initiate your own dissertation outline and see for yourself.