A List Of The Most Widespread Topics For A Master's Dissertation

Obtaining a master’s degree is one of the most arduous, yet enriching experiences that one can accomplish. However, it can be difficult to decide on an appropriate master’s degree program, yet alone a master’s dissertation topic to write on. By narrowing down the kind of master’s degree that you want to pursue you stand a much better chance of selecting a topic that suits your needs and is also enjoyable to write.

For those considering master’s degrees in business-related areas, dissertation topics can relate to:

  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate finance forecasting
  • Management Psychology
  • The Most effective marketing principles
  • The Future of management information science methods
  • Applied business statistics
  • New accounting principles for a new era of business

As you can see, many of these topics relate to the ever-changing landscape of the business world and master’s dissertation topics related to the business sector should focus on forward-thinking principles.

For those considering master’s degrees in public service areas, topics can relate to:

  • Effective public management principles
  • The most effective tax laws for local and state governments
  • Surveying citizens for input on federal health care reforms
  • Public personnel recruitment methods: Attracting the best and brightest to public service
  • Studying the political theories of Hobbes and Locke in a modern context

Those considering political or public service master’s degrees have a bit of flexibility. These master’s dissertations can involve topics that are more theoretically-based as well as those that relate to real-world application of public policies and laws.

To change the pace for a moment, considering the kinds of topics that science-related master’s degree programs offer is very exciting. These topics include:

  • Designing sustainable equipment for the workplace
  • Incorporating sustainable energy widespread
  • What are the effects of processed Trans fats on the human body over time?
  • Can a diet that is free of carbohydrates lead to sustained weight loss?
  • The feasibility of establishing a permanent settlement on a distant planet
  • The multiple uses of lava-charred rocks, post-volcanic eruption
  • The dwindling supply of fossil fuels and what this means for future generations

The variety that the sciences offer ensures that those seeking graduate degrees in this area will find a plethora of master’s dissertation topics to write about.

Finally, the fine arts and humanities offer a number of topics to keep every graduate scholar busy:

  • Reexamining Shakespeare’s MacBeth hundreds of years later
  • The lasting effects of Jim Crow Laws in the US South
  • A very different interpretation of Beethoven’s Fidelio
  • A new and original musical composition
  • Similarities between 19th-century French Literature and 18th century Russian authors

The topics included here are a very small portion of the master’s dissertation topics to cover. The flexibility that such an undertaking involves ensures that there is something for everyone to write about!

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