How To Prepare For Your MBA Dissertation Defense: A Complete Walkthrough

Dissertation writing is one of the most important and rigorous process to any graduate student and defending it is the culmination of the entire process. Defending your MBA dissertation is a determining factor as to whether you will be awarded your master’s degree or not. Different colleges follow different procedures for dissertation defense but in most cases students are required to announce their dissertation defense appointment through their concerned departments. After which your panel will meet prior and after the defense. Being an important step of you graduate studies, it is good to take note of some points to come out successful.

Dissertation rehearsal

While preparing to defend your MBA dissertation, it is important first to familiarize yourself with the set requirements and guidelines of your department. Talk to your immediate supervisor in order to know of what is exactly expected of you during the material day. Also ensure that each of the panel members have a copy of your defense a few weeks prior to the dissertation defense. Another important thing is to speak to people who have gone through the same process before. This will definitely give you a sense of confidence before you get to the panel yourself. Besides, attending MBA dissertation defense of others can really be helpful since you will be able to know how the committee and the student relate and therefore prepare psychologically in advance.

Mock defense – remember you will have to orally defend your dissertation before a panel of academicians. For the sake of releasing some tension, try to get people and discuss your MBA dissertation with them. You can get a few friends and have them pose as committee members whom you are defending your dissertation to.

Know your paper lines

Ensure you have mastered the key arguments of your dissertation especially the problem question. Be clear on the variables that you have used and ensure that you can clearly define and operationalize the in a clear way.

How to dress

Remember defending an MBA dissertation is no money business. You want to prove to the panel that you are now a mature academician capable of producing knowledge. You should also be demonstrating that through your dressing. Put on something professional and comfortable that will not distract your audience from the real business.

Material day

Ensure you are punctual to wherever place you are supposed to defend your MBA dissertation to reduce nervousness.