Writing An Accounting Dissertation In Three Weeks: Great Tips For Students

The dissertation is one of the most important projects that you will ever have to make. This is why you have to start in advance if you want to create something unique. However, sometimes unexpected things happen and you have to create your dissertation in only three weeks. Since your colleagues started months before you, this will be a real challenge. With all the obstacles it is still possible to do it in such a short time. Follow these tips and keep your confidence:

  • Dedicate the first week for research. Even if you have a very interesting topic, your dissertation will be bad if you do not have enough information. A week is a very short time to make research, so you must be efficient. Forget about reading dozens of books until you find what you need. Go directly on the Internet and search for the most important ideas that you must integrate in your project. Gather them all together and verify every detail until you are sure that everything is accurate. Also, write on a separate paper the references that you are planning to use, any quotation or definition. It will be much easier to use them when you start writing.
  • Create the first draft in the second week. Since you are working with such a large volume of information, you have to be ready to sacrifice all your afternoons for this. If you want to make everything easier, you can build an outline and write after it. It will help you organize the information in better way, so your dissertation will look professional.
  • Keep the last week for editing, correcting and proofread. Surprisingly or not, the most important part of your dissertation is the appearance of it. You can have amazing content, but get a bad grade because the composition itself was looking chaotic. In this last week you have to edit the content until you are sure that it’s perfect. Change the paragraphs, replace some information or add some pictures to it. Once all this is done, you have to be sure that there is no grammar or punctuation mistake. Take your time for this, because there’s nothing worst than a composition with bad grammar. The final step is the editing; your pages need to look professional. Use a classic font and make sure that you leave space between the paragraphs.

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