Crafting A High-Standard Doctoral Dissertation: A Great Tutorial

In order for your dissertation to be accepted by the academic defence committee, it has to be written to a very high standard. In order for you to achieve this unique feat, it is important that you know most of the basics of crafting this type of paper to the standard the school at large and the committee in particular requires. If it is your first time writing dissertations, here is a guide on the processes that would lead to a successful completion of your paper.

  • Choose Topic For Your Paper: Before you initiate the process of writing, you have to settle for a topic first. There are various techniques you can use to come up with topics for your dissertation and includes going through your old notes, past academic papers, searching online, discussing with your schoolmates, colleagues, etc. When you finally choose a topic, you can then proceed to the next step.
  • Decide On A Method Of Research: In order to come up with a paper that contains very informative content, you have to carry out appropriate research. This is why you need to decide what method of research to use in gathering the data needed for your academic paper. Depending on your field of study, your research may include questionnaires, interviews and experiment.
  • Develop Your Thesis Statement: There is a particular problem or issue you are trying to address through your dissertation and as such, you have your own opinion on such issue. You need to make your stand known and then build up the content around that view.
  • Create Your Paper’s Outline: This stage determines the progress of your work. When you are writing based on an outline, it makes the writing process easier and faster. In order not to make any mistakes, you can look through a sample paper to determine what should be included in your paper’s outline.
  • Start Writing: With the outline created, you then settle down to writing your academic paper, taking it one step at a time. The first draft does not have to be perfect so you should not worry much about grammar and punctuation errors.
  • Edit And Polish: This is when you sit down to carefully go through the written paper to ensure everything is flowing right. You check for proper paper structure. Eliminate all grammar, typing, and punctuation errors.
  • In observing the above steps, you are sure to successfully complete a dissertation that would meet the high-standards set by the committee.