In Search Of A Solid Dissertation Introduction Example

In a dissertation introduction, you should generally outline your future work, present your reasons for studying a particular research question, analyze what is already known on the topic, and share your objectives. It is practically impossible to write a good introductory section on the first try. Numerous reviews and redrafts are inevitable in the process of research and writing. However, you can minimize this number by developing a first draft of your introduction that is already properly structured and formatted and where all ideas are laid out in the most efficient order. The best way to do so is to write it on the basis of a good example. Consider the following things when searching for a solid dissertation introduction example.

  • Look for complete papers rather than for separate introduction examples.
  • It is easier to find a complete thesis in the necessary area and refer to the introduction it includes. Therefore, don’t focus only on separate introductions in the process of search.

  • Learn requirements.
  • To define if the example you find is good, it is necessary that you be aware of all requirements it should follow. Look through any textbook on academic writing and learn what general characteristics a dissertation introduction should own. Allow some time to find the specific requirements of your university as to formatting and layout of an introductory section.

  • Search within your university.
  • To find an introduction example that meets all standards of your institution, start searching in your university.

    • Ask your advisor to provide you with a proper sample.
    • Turn to the graduates of your school who have already written and defended their theses.
    • Browse the university website in search of a proper example.
    • Visit the university library and look through the papers by previous students that are being stored there.
  • Go online.
  • You can also get a decent introduction example from the comfort of your home. Use your favorite search engine to find a sample on your field of studies. Remember to be specific in your search query and use the right keywords.

    • If you are directed to the website of a professional writing agency, be prepared to pay for a suitable example.
    • Be selective if you find a relevant dissertation in a free online database. When choosing a paper to use an introduction from, check if an available example follows all necessary requirements.
    • If you find an introduction example on an educational website, don’t doubt its quality. It is likely to meet all criteria and can easily be used as a model.