How To Write A Spanish Literature Dissertation For A Master's Degree

Writing Spanish literature dissertation writing is a unique experience for the writers. There are basically two ways in which the dissertation can be written-First in the form of journal articles and another is writing in the form of postgraduate thesis which is comprised of chapters.

Here we will discuss the step of writing a Spanish literature in the form of a thesis which is comprised of chapters-

The structure of the Spanish literature research looks like this-

  • Title page- This is the opening page that is comprised of relevant information about the thesis.
  • Abstract: After the title page is the abstract which is basically the summary of the entire thesis. It reveals the background in minimum possible words. This is the shortest section of the thesis. In most of the cases, abstract should not exceed 350 words. However, it is important to note that methodology and findings have to be part of it.
  • Contents: Next is the table of content which highlights the list of all chapters and figures present in the thesis. It gives a sequential order of all the chapters.
  • Chapter 1: This is the introduction of the dissertation. Here you need to describe the rationale or the background of the project. Remember, the last sentence should be such written that it makes a smooth transition towards the title of the project.
  • Literature review: This is the summary of the literature that offers supporting evidences to the project. You should provide as many supporting evidences in the serial order as possible in order of their relevance i.e. the strongest one at the top followed by the weaker ones. The weakest evidence will come at last.
  • Methodology: Write a detailed overview of the methodologies used. It can be more than one.
  • Data analysis: Write a report of all the techniques used. Analyze your research offering detailed account of the data.
  • Discussion: This is the debate section on the basis of which you will draw the analysis.
  • Bibliography: List all the references that you have used while writing your research. These should be arranged in sequential order by writing the author’s last name first or on the basis of the name of the books, articles, journals etc.
  • Appendices: It includes the list of additional materials employed in the research.

The above steps should be written in sequential order. Apart from that, make sure you do not copy the content consciously or unconsciously, otherwise. It will become a part of the cyber crime and your all efforts will turn into vain.