Dissertation Writing Styles – A Quick Guide For Students

There are various different writing styles that you may need to be aware of when it comes to writing a dissertation. In fact, the various writing styles can have a huge influence on the work that you produce and, therefore, the following is a quick guide for students to give you a better understanding of the various writing styles that you may need to consider.

Understanding the differences between academic writing styles

Firstly, there are various different academic writing styles that you should be aware of. For example, one of the most common writing styles is persuasive or argumentative writing. Essentially, when it comes to this form of academic writing, you will be taking a particular topic or subject, before arguing a particular point of view relating to that topic.

Of course, argumentative writing is just one of many different forms of academic writing styles. Therefore, before you start writing your work, it can be a good idea to carry out some further research, particularly if you have been asked to write the work according to a particular writing style.

Picking a topic and title to suit the style that you will use for your work

As mentioned, there are many different writing styles that you might use when writing an essay. In fact, the writing style that you need to use can have a huge influence on the topic or title that you choose to write about. For example, a particular topic or title might be especially suitable when using argumentative writing, but not so appropriate if using a compare and contrast style of writing.

Understanding how formatting guides work

Another important aspect to consider when it comes to writing a comprehensive academic paper is how the formatting should work. Ultimately, students will often be required to follow an official writing guide, such as APA style.

Generally, the various writing guides will explain which sections you need to include as part of your work, as well as how to layout the work, in terms of how the text and headers should appear, and what margins to use, as well as a wide variety of other important information.

Checking the work once it has been written

Of course, once you have written the work it is important that it is checked. Not only should you be looking out for any spelling or grammatical errors, but you should be looking to ensure that you have written the work according to any formatting style that you have been asked to use.

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