Basic Hints On Writing A Graphic Design Master's Thesis

Are you preparing to write a graphic design Master’s thesis? If yes, you would surely agree with me that it is not an easy task to carry out. Especially considering that the paper is geared towards defining the intricate connection between the writer’s personal voice, theoretical understanding, and his or her ability to carry out and at the same time, utilize researches to compose compelling communication with his or her audience. This very important paper is what signifies the culmination of your graphic design education at a given institution. It also goes a long way to broaden your knowledge as far as graphic design is concerned.

In order to make the most of writing your thesis, you should make sure to adhere with the following guidelines. They are:

  • Choose a topic that interests you: This is very important when it comes to writing educational papers. There are certain topics you are obsessed with and discuss with huge passion. Those topics you like reading or writing about or are capable of remaining interesting even after months of research and writing should be your choice.
  • Have a point: A lot of students don’t understand that in order to make impact with their paper, they should have something unique that they are arguing about. Yes, ensure that you have a point.
  • Go for the original: When you go for a topic or take an approach that is common knowledge, there will be just very few people to argue the topic. Go for something unique and original and you will have a strong paper.
  • Define terms used: If there are uncommon terms used in your paper, make sure that these terms are defined in the most common way.
  • State legitimate claims: Don’t give bogus claims that you cannot substantiate. Your claims should be true and logical. They should be such that you strongly believe in. Create more interest by further exploring the ramifications of your claims.
  • Support your statements with documentation: This is another important aspect of writing your graphic design thesis. Ensure that you avoid making sweeping statements. When you support your statements with documentation, it lends more credibility to your work.
  • Maintain some level of cynicism: This means that before you adopt a given point of view, you should first read competing or opposing publications or opinions. This will help you to develop your own opinions, not just based on what you like but on informed judgement.
  • Take notes: Taking notes of significant quotes and thoughts as you come across them saves you a lot of time. When they are noted down, you don’t have to go through publications or sources again looking a certain quote or thought that would have helped in boosting the quality of your thesis.