Dissertation Defense: 7 Pointers To Help You Succeed

A dissertation defense is one of the major factors that influence your final score. Your paper may be written perfectly, but if you fail to defend it, you’ll get many points taken from your grade. To succeed, you should prepare for your defense properly. Study the helpful tips below to succeed at your dissertation defense:

  1. Start preparing as early as possible.
  2. Many students think that they’ll be able to prepare their defense presentations in several days. They’re mistaken. It takes much longer to create a good presentation that will impress the committee, so don’t postpone your preparations.

  3. Create a good structure.
  4. You should make sure that your defense flows smoothly. Come up with an attention-grabbing introduction for your speech. Use transitions between different chapters in your speech. Synchronize your speech with your slides.

  5. Practice, practice, and practice.
  6. It’s not easy to speak in front of an audience. Practice your speech in front of a mirror. Show your presentation to your friends and family. This will help you feel more confident during the actual dissertation defense.

  7. Visit other defenses.
  8. Watching other students defend their work will help you understand how to behave in front of a committee. If you cannot attend defenses in person, you should at least watch them on video.

  9. Prepare for questions.
  10. Your committee will definitely ask you some tough questions after and maybe even during your presentation. To prepare for this, you should look through your paper and think about questions that you’d ask yourself. You may also ask your family members and friends to drill you with some questions.

  11. Don’t get distracted.
  12. A student’s life is full of interesting and exciting things, but you should stay focused on your academic responsibilities as you prepare for your dissertation defense. Too many activities will distract you, and you won’t be able to practice enough to give a great speech.

  13. Take care of yourself.
  14. You should feel refreshed and healthy during your presentation. To play it safe, get plenty of sleep and eat only healthy food for a week before the day of the defense. If you feel bad or tired during your speech, it’ll drastically affect the results.

If you have problems with giving speeches in front of people, you should hire a professional tutor who will give you personal lessons. With a help of a good tutor, you’ll learn how to present your work in a relaxed manner, react tactfully to unexpected questions, and so on.

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