5 Suggestions on How to Write a Dissertation Title Page

A title page is “the face” of your dissertation. It’s necessary to pay careful attention when writing your title page. If your committee finds any mistakes on the very first page of your paper, this won’t be good for you. Your title page should be well-written and properly formatted to make a good impression on your committee. Here you may look at some suggestions that will help you write a good title page.

  1. Look at the requirements.
  2. Although all title pages are similar, every university has some unique requirements when it comes to this matter. It’s advisable to go to your professor and write down all the requirements for your title page. You may get a lower final score only because of the poorly written title page.

  3. Find the appropriate software.
  4. To create your title page, you’ll need to use software for writing texts. There are several applications that you may choose from. Look at the requirements of your university to styling and formatting and decide what program is better in your particular case. You may consult your professor and other students on this matter.

  5. Look for examples.
  6. To make your work easier, you may also look for examples and templates for your dissertation title page. To find reliable sample papers, you may go to these sources:

    • Your professor.
    • This person should definitely have some good examples of title pages that he or she may share with you.

    • Your university library.
    • There are many dissertations and other research papers that meet the requirements of your university stored in the library, so you may use them as examples.

      Your university electronic database.

      The database of your university should also contain plenty of good sample papers.

    • Your university friends.
    • Your friends who have already defended their dissertations and graduated from your university may share their old papers with you.

  7. Write your title page.
  8. Now that you know how your title page should look like, what you need to include in it, and how it should be formatted, you may start writing it. Use the software that proved to be the best for this task. Make sure that all the names and another information is written correctly.

  9. Go to your professor.
  10. When your title page is written, you should go to your professor. He or she will check whether everything is made properly. Sometimes, students make little mistakes in formatting that only professors may notice.

Follow these suggestions and your dissertation title page will meet all the necessary requirements.

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