13 Art Dissertation Title Examples To Base Your Topic On

Dissertations are basically in dept compositions designed to provide the reader with an informative summary of a particular academic subject. Required by most students for completion of their degree or diploma, it is usually completed over the course of one semester and can be a grueling task if approached badly. One must be careful when choosing a title as your choice of topic can largely influence the outcome of your paper. Here are 13 art dissertation title examples that can be used to base your topic on:

  1. The influence of art on the mood and emotions of individuals as a form of therapeutic treatment.
  2. Many people define art differently and some argue that they are all right. What do you consider art and why?
  3. How natural formations have influenced our architectural designs since the times of ancient civilizations to this day.
  4. What it means to live, survive and succeed as a full time artist in today’s world of graphic designing software and 3-d printing.
  5. What are the factors that motivate wealthy investors to invest significantly into art projects and pieces.
  6. Would you consider the designs and formations left by ancient civilazations to be works of art or simply methods of communication? Do you think these ancient people had a concept of art?
  7. What are the reasons for human development and interest in art projects when the pieces themselves do not contribute to economic progress except when valued by a wealthy person?
  8. Famous paintings, like the Mona Lisa, are praised by many people, aroud the world. Is it possible that most people cannot really appreciate the artistic qualities of these pieces, but simply provide the reaction they think is expected of them?
  9. Computers have made it possible for people with no natural artistic abilities to create beautiful images with almost no effort. What does this mean for the art industry?
  10. What is the difference bewteen concept art and abstract art and how do these two forms affect the world?
  11. Music does not possess any tangible, physical forms so why is it considered a form of art?
  12. Recently, many pieces created by unskilled, untrained artist have been sold for large sums. Does this mean that the value of art is determined not by the skill of the artist, but by the feeling his pieces evoke from the audience?
  13. Will there ever be another Mona Lisa?

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